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So far, so feral...


Nobody really knows how to cope with this situation, it's new to all of us, this our way of holding on in there. Suddenly normal life is turned upside down and we don't really know what to do with our time. All we know is that mental health is key to keeping going. 

So far this is the best idea we've come up with.  

But don't worry it's only been 3 days maybe something better is in the pipeline! 

This keeps us busy and keeps us in contact with our loved ones.  You'll find rants about mishaps home alone and also some helpful tips for the community to stay entertained whilst we weather the storm together. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected. Be gentle with yourself.






Turtles can breath through thier buts! No seriously they can. See? Doesn't just knowing that make you feel better already? 

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