Nobody really knows how to cope with this whole shabang, this is our way...

Since we had to close our pub the Fountain, in Cleobury Mortimer we've been racking our brains to try and find different ways we can serve our local community whilst complying 100% with social distancing and a potential Corona Virus lockdown on its way. So far this is the best idea we've come up. But don't worry it's only been 3 days maybe something better is in the pipeline! 


We'll offer ideas for adults and kids, breathwork, yoga & whatever else comes into our heads to help you stay sane during the COVID19 lockdown. We aim to keep it all short and sweet, no more than 4 minutes reading. 

know how you see all these blogs of mum's nailing it, like their crafts are immaculate their houses are clean, their kids are calm and the grammar is impeccable? Well, we're not one of those families. We'd love to be but we're not.

How do these women do that?  Some days I'm like... I got socks and deodorant on that's a winner.  My house is often messy and some of my daughter's first words alarmingly were "oh shit" We're first-time parents blagging our way through this. 

To make this revelation even worse I'm a former teacher turned yoga instructor who studied a lot of child psychology and mindfulness! So on paper, I should really have all that crap under wraps. We're just learning how to navigate this human experience and we kinda believe we don't need more perfection right now, we need more honesty, more vulnerability and we need more kindness. 

What we do have is a sense of humor and a capacity for compassion, we care. We believe above all we should be gentle with ourselves and meet ourselves exactly where we are not where we think we should be. We're creating this site to share all the skills we've acquired over the years in the classroom & on the mat (it probably won't take long lol) to help us stay connected and positive through this time of uncertainty. Let's turn to love rather than fear Stay home, stay calm, stay safe, together we got this. 

We're not videographers, we're not bloggers, we don't have fancy equipment,  so it's all a bit rough and ready, think rustic charm :) 


Want to share your feral story on our site? 

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